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riotBars (Riot Club Membership)


Which flavor should you choose?

riotBar 85%
PURE 85% dark chocolate for the dark chocolate enthusiasts. 

riotBar 70% Kickin' Coconut
Kick it up a notch with the delicious 70% dark chocolate riotBar packed with 18%  kickin' coconut-yum! 

riotBar 70% Quirky Quinoa
Need a CRUNCHY FIX? 70% dark chocolate riotBar packed with quirky quinoa! Get your dark chocolate fix while enjoying the numerous healthy benefits of quinoa.

Enjoy! organic | fair trade | kosher | vegan | no gluten or dairy ingredients 

  • twelve single 3.5 oz (100 g) bars
  • each bar has thirty squares.
  • each of the squares is 20-21 calories-yum! 
  • surprise inside each wrapper!
  • original artwork on every package!
  • sweet thx to artist Lindy Gaskill & Claudia Cappelle. 
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