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riotBar 70% Kickin' Coconut (12 pack)-BACK IN STOCK


Shake Up Your 3pm Fix With Kickin' Coconut!

It's time to put a little something something into that 3 PM dark chocolate fix! Kick it up a notch with the kickin' coconut riotBar. One bite of the coconut riotBar will immediately transport you to a tropical paradise. (insert sound of beach waves and sand in your toes). 

What makes the sweetriot riotBar so special? It is sweetriot’s very first Fair Trade Certified and Organic line. The sweetriot riotBar supports fair trade and sourcing cacao exclusively in Latin America, which directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices and direct trade. 
  • twelve single 3.2 oz (90 g) bars
  • each bar has thirty squares.
  • each of the squares is 17 calories-yum! 
  • surprise inside each wrapper!
  • original artwork on every package!

kosher | no gluten ingredients 

Ingredients: organic fair trade chocolate (organic fair trade chocolate liquor, organic fair trade sugar, organic fair trade cocoa butter, organic fair trade cocoa powder, organic vanilla [milk] ), organic coconut (18%), organic fair trade chocolate liquor, (organic fair trade chocolate liquor,  organic vanilla [milk]).
contains milk, coconut, may contain soy.
*82% Fair Trade Ingredients*


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